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Sunday, 27 May 2012


Shirt, New Look   Sunglasses, C&A   Shorts, vintage   Sandals, H&M

Finally We have summer weather here in England! Its amazing!! I got so excited about the weather that I decided to get my legs out (eeeek!!) and wear my favourite high waisted denim shorts... what do you think? Hope you're all having a lovely weekend & dont forget to follow me on bloglovin or google blogger!

Thanks, Eva x

Thursday, 24 May 2012


Many, many thanks to Bronwyn from http://little-bravery.blogspot.co.uk/ for being my first ever follower! You should check out her blog, is really great :)

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Versatile Blogger Award

Hey everyone! I just got nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by the amazing Joelle from cestchiclamode.blogspot.com You should check out her amazing blog :) really surprised I got nominated as I'm terrible at posting regularly! Thanks Joelle :)  

The Rules
- Nominate 15 fellow bloggers who are relatively new to blogging
- Let them know you have nominated them
- Share 7 random facts about yourself
- Thank the bloggers that have nominated you
- Add the versatile blogger award to your post

My Nominations
- thelittledandy.com
- paintedheels.blogspot.co.uk
- littlebearfound.blogspot.co.uk
- cathyinfairyland.blogspot.co.uk
- kmldandylion.blogspot.co.uk
- jessrosecloset.blogspot.co.uk
- therunwayrose.blogspot.co.uk
- scatterbrainedstylings.blogspot.co.uk
- aluminariumbetweenus.blogspot.co.uk
- philippaannem.blogspot.co.uk
- emwearsthings.blogspot.co.uk
- www.naturalbeings.blogspot.co.uk
- voguefeline.blogspot.co.uk
- lovewillsavecelia.blogspot.co.uk
- little-bravery.blogspot.co.uk

* Please note that these nominations are not in order of favourite, as I love all your blogs equally!

Well Done everyone who I nominated, You deserve it!

7 Facts
- Im half german (and fairly fluent in the language)

- I have an irrational fear of all bugs, except bees and wasps  which I dont mind (how weird is that?)

- I read more than 100 books every year, and last week I read a 500 page book in 2 hours!

- My favourite smell is vanilla

- My favourite flowers are bluebells and wild crocuses

- My friends call me 'Sweet Ginger Miracle'... (i know, it worries me too...)

- I cried when we watched Romeo and Juliet in school

Thanks for reading my blog everyone and dont forget to follow me!

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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Queen of Hearts

Dress & Cardigan, H&M    Bag, Vintage   Boots, New Look

Hey Everybody! Sorry I haven't done and outfit post for a while... I've been slacking a bit. Saw this dress in H&M recently and Just fell completely in love with it!! Its got a minature heart print all over it that you can't really see in these pictures. Ooops I've just realised that half my wardrobe is from H&M, sorry if its getting boring for you! Anyway, I realise that a dress with a heart print may be a bit too girly for some of you.... Its a good thing I didn't buy it in pink!! Thanks everyone, I always love reading your comments!!

I have to thank fellow blogger Joelle for mentioning me in her most recent post. Sorry Joelle, I'm not sure how to link people in posts... Her blog is called La Mode C'est Chic and its turning out really great so far! Seriously everyone, Joelle has amazing style, so check out her blog!

Eva x